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{Other Services}

We are very passionate about adding a *chef's kiss* special touch to every event we have the privilege take part in. If you are interested in any of our services, we are more than happy to answer any questions about why you should choose us.


Custom Signage

We can create custom prints/signage for specialty cocktails, coffee bars, waffle bars, custom menus, and whatever you dream up for your event. We will work with you. 

Pricing varies based on design needs.​

Styling, Installation, & Tear Down

Feeling overwhelmed with the planning process OR worried about who will put your vision together on your event day? Allow us to assist you with table setting design along with the installation and setup at your event. 


Cost will be calculated by our staff based on your rental needs. For more details about Full Service Installation see our comprehensive handout.


 Send us a message for more details about booking!


Floorplan Design

Need a custom floor-plan design? We will work with you and create a custom layout for your venue. 


We can help you decide on the best locations for tables, chairs, photo booths, etc. 

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