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Need more information on how it works? {You're in the right place}

The Investment


We want to help you know how to budget for your event so there are no surprises. We put together a list of the things you will need to factor into your costs. The Simply Borrowed team is always more than happy to put together a quote for any of our rental items or services you are interested in.

Total Rental Cost: This is the total cost of the inventory that you have selected to rent for your event. This is easy to calculate ahead of time as each item in our collection is listed with its individual rental cost.

Installation & Tear Down Labor: *This fee only applies if you have selected this service* This cost will be calculated by our staff based on the inventory that you have selected when we have received information necessary regarding the amount of time that you will need our service, location, and date. 

Delivery & Pickup Fees: *This fee only applies if you have selected this service* The cost will be calculated by our staff based on the volume of inventory that you have selected and the distance your event is away from our location when we have received information necessary regarding the location and date of the event.

Styling & Design Costs: *This fee only applies if you have selected this service* This cost will be assessed by the member of staff that you work with for your event. These costs will be assessed after you have your styling consultation and will be based on the level of time invested in your event. You will only pay for what you need.

Other Things to Consider

Discounts: You may be wondering if we offer any special or discount pricing, and the answer is "yes!" We do offer volume discounts on larger rentals, duration discounts on long-term rentals, discounts for large purchases on our "purchase-only" items, charitable event discounts, and special pricing for photographers looking to rent for a "shoot." 


Loss & Damages Deposit: On your invoice, there will be a 25%  refundable charge on your rental. This charge will be refunded after your event once your items are returned and assessed by a Simply Borrowed team-member as being damage-free, having no lost items, and not requiring excessive cleaning. Missing or damaged items will result in NO refund of your loss and damages deposit. The damage is assessed and determined exclusively at the discretion of Simply Borrowed's staff. 

Tear Down and Pickup Times: If you booked either installation & tear down services OR delivery and pickup services, we will have a scheduled time arranged with you prior to your event. We always recommend seeing if your venue has the option to "tear down" the day after your event OR having a firmly set time that your event will end.

Boxwood Wall

We cannot begin the tear down process or pickup process if you still have guests after your event. Simply Borrowed reserves the right not to refund the Lost or Damaged Items Deposit if pickup time or tear down time is not honored. Our time is valuable, and we are often picking up items in the late hours of the evening. Please take this into consideration when scheduling your "Tear Down" or "Pickup" times.

Late Night Fees: If you require a pickup time or tear down time after 8:00 PM OR we are required to have setup or delivery after 8:00pm, there will be a "late night fee" that will total no more than $150.


Let's Get Started {a couple steps you can take if you're interested in working with us}

1) Fill out our contact form.

2) Schedule a time to talk. We will contact you after we receive your initial form to set up a phone call or appointment. At this time, we will determine the rental package that works best for you

3) Schedule an appointment to visit our warehouse. While this certainly isn't necessary, you can make an appointment to view some of our collection in person OR for your initial styling consultation. 

4) Reserve your rental items. After our initial discussion, we will create a rental contract for your date and selected items. Once you have paid your deposit and signed/returned the contract to us, the items you selected are reserved for your date. 

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