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  • How much does a rental cost?
    The cost of our rentals and services varies depending on your need. Each item is listed under our collection with it's base rental cost (this includes a 48-hour rental window). We do have "rental minimums" that you must meet in order to book with us; for more information on rental minimums and how they work, navigate to our "How it Works" page. There may be other costs to factor in, such as delivery fees, installation and tear down labor, styling & design fees, etc., depending on the level of service you need involved with your rental.
  • What do your installation and tear down services encompass?
    We can create a custom quote for your installation and tear down needs. Typically, our installation and tear down services apply to items that you rent from us. You can either have us design a set up for your rental items (styling fees apply) or provide us with the specifics of how you would like them set up. Your installation & tear down quote will encompass Simply Borrowed delivering the rental items, setting up (installing) the rental items per your specifications or our design, and coming back after the end of the event to pick up these items. We are also able to work items that you may already have or items provided by other vendors into our installation and tear down as well! If you need us to do the installation of items not provided by Simply Borrowed, you must provide us with a detailed list of item, and we will ONLY install the items that we have quoted you for under your rental agreement, as we usually have set "installation" and "tear down" timelines. For any items that are not provided by Simply Borrowed, the clientele is responsible for making sure they are at the venue in time for us to set up, we are not able to deliver or pick up items from other vendors or our clientele. We are also not able to drop off these items after tear down, we can make sure all of the decor items we installed are removed and neatly set aside; however, you are responsible for making sure items not provided by us get where they need to be afterwards. We do not offer any cleaning services, our installation and tear down is simply for decor items that we have provided, as well as any items that you have requested to be added in your Agreement with us. We are not responsible for cleaning up any trash, food, spills, stains, etc. Pricing varies on the amount of time it will take to set up for your event and tear down after your event. Late night fees may apply if we will be tearing down after 8:00PM. If we are prevented from tearing down at the time we are scheduled to arrive (we are not able to tear down due to the event still going on or guests, other than the bride and groom or our designated contact, are still on the premises), other fees may apply and your damage deposit may not be refunded at the discretion of any Simply Borrowed staff member or representative. Ask us about special add-on services to our installation, such as installing and steaming linens to ensure they are wrinkle-free for your event.
  • What does the Rental Agreement encompass?
    Upon booking with Simply Borrowed, you will be required to sign/complete our rental agreement and return it to us. We cannot perform any services or provide rentals without you reading and signing this agreement. If the Rental Agreement is not completed 30 days prior to your event, your rental/services booking may be canceled and any deposit you have made will be refunded. For more information about our rental agreement, contact us at
  • Where are you located?
    We are located on the corner of Broadway and Jefferson in Downtown Fort Wayne. Our address is 1102 Broadway St, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802. We are in a converted garage. Our door is the far left one near the fence on the Broadway side of the building.
  • What if I don't see what I'm looking for on your website?
    If you don't see exactly what you are looking for on our website, send us a message! We are constantly adding new things to our inventory and don't always get it up on our website immediately. And, even if we don't have it yet, we are always happy to add items to our inventory that are "in demand" by our clientele, so we can definitely discuss adding something that you are looking for. Additionally, many of our items are custom-made by us! We are always willing to work with our customers on their searches for specific and unique items. We are also able to custom-order specialty linens, such as cheesecloth, decorative runners, etc. for your events. You can also purchase florals, such as dried palmas or dried pampas through us to use for your event. We work with specialty wholesale companies and are able to see if we can create a custom order for you.
  • If my event is located out of state, can I rent from you?
    Currently, we are only able to serve events that take place in Indiana due to insurance and business licensing. We have looked into the possibility of serving a larger area in the midwest, but it currently does not make sense for our business with the very little demand we have outside of Northeastern Indiana. We're sorry for any inconvenience!
  • What are your normal delivery hours? After Hours Fee?
    Our normal delivery, pickup, installation, and tear down service hours are between 9:00am and 8:00pm. If you require service outside of these times, we are definitely able to work with you; however, we do charge an "After Hours" fee. This fee will total no more than $150, and we do take into consideration if it is only a short time after our hours. While we understand wanting to avoid any additional fees, we have a hard cut-off time as we also work full-time jobs during the week. If you want to avoid an after hours fee, consider scheduling your service either the day before the event or the day after the event if your venue allows.
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