Why Rent?

We're glad you found our website and hope you like our treasures. Obviously, you are considering the rental route if you made it this far, BUT we are hoping to convince you of WHY you should rent. 

Cost Effective

Renting is cost effective. Rather than making the countless trips to estate sales, antique malls, and the local craft stores yourself to find the unique pieces that you are searching for, we did the work for you. Save yourself the gas money, the hassle of finding somewhere to store everything in the months leading up to your event, and the stress of finding the perfect pieces for your event - we have it all here! We are ready help you save money and lighten the stress for your event.


We can offer you the one-of-a-kind styling you want for your event without the countless days of searching. Check out the variety of unique and vintage options that we have to make your event perfect. 

Less Wasteful

Much of event decor is purchased and listed  on Facebook Marketplace and other local listings, only to regain a very small percentage of the actual cost (that is, if you are successful). The reality is: this stuff is thrown away most of the time. By renting many of the items that would end up being thrown away, you are saving money and helping the environment. 

Take a Load Off

We can help lighten your load by lessening the hours spent shopping and searching. We have done all the work for you, and you simply need to search our collection. We also offer styling services and customer print services to help take even more off your plate.